An anti-Brexit campaign group hopes to mobilise thousands of Harrow residents for an upcoming march that will call for a public vote on the final withdrawal deal.

The Harrow and Hillingdon branch of the European Movement, which is committed to keeping the UK in the EU, has been distributing leaflets throughout the borough.

It is calling on as many people as possible to attend the demonstration on June 23, with campaigners set to descend on Parliament Square to “send a message” to the Government.

David Keys, secretary of the Harrow and Hillingdon branch of the European Movement, explained that the situation has changed dramatically since the referendum two years ago.

He said: “Many people who originally voted Leave are now also worried about what Brexit may finally look like.

“The emerging reality of Brexit is not what most people thought it would be when we all went to the polls in the referendum back in 2016.

“New facts have gradually emerged revealing the full and disturbing cost and complexity of Brexit – its implications for the NHS, for security, for education, for the Northern Irish border, for trade, for our economy, for European and UK political stability and for Britain’s influence around the world.

“In our view, it is essential for the future of our country and our continent and for the principles of democracy that the public gets the final say on any deal.”

He described the current situation as “chaotic” and suggested that “negotiations appear to be going nowhere”.

It is this uncertainty, and the potential repercussions of the decisions, he argues, which means the public “must not be cut out” of any final deal.

The campaign comes after Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow West, asked Parliament to support a Bill on a people’s vote.

He said: “Whatever we think of Brexit, whether we voted Leave or Remain, whether we think we’ll get a good deal or a bad deal, we can all surely agree that it is a huge deal.

“It’s much too important to be left to the 650 of us in Westminster. The 65 million people in this great country deserve to have their voices heard.”

The Bill, which will be prepared by MPs from across various parties, will undergo its second reading on July 6.