Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn pledged his support for Harrow’s Jain community during a temple visit last month.

He dropped into Kenton Derasar, in Kenton Road, as part of his campaigning for the borough elections.

Joined by the leader of Harrow Council, Sachin Shah, and the MP for Harrow West, Gareth Thomas, Mr Corbyn said he backs the movement for Jainism to be included in the census.

The subject has been put forward by leaders of the Jain community in Harrow, and across the UK, as they feel as if their faith is being underrepresented.

It is estimated that there are between 40,000 and 50,000 Jains in Britain.

But, in 2011, only 20,000 identified themselves as such – many felt obliged to declare themselves as Hindu or left the faith box blank.

Mr Thomas, who has been a consistent supporter of the campaign, currently has a petition running calling for a specific box on the census for Jains to tick. 

He said: “It is vital that the census contains correct information concerning the make up of the UK.

“The Government and other bodies allocate resources in line with the information gathered by the census. 

“Jains have specific dietary requirements, are prone to certain medical conditions and have specific chaplaincy needs. 

“Therefore, having a specific tick box for Jains is vital for the fair allocation of resources for their community.”

Mr Corbyn has been canvassing Harrow in the run up to the elections, as Labour looks to maintain control of the council.

He has urged voters to send a message to the Government which, he argues, does not have the interests of all groups at heart.

“I am pleased to live in a diverse community and be in a party that represents all sections of our community,” he said in a speech to supporters.