A man who holds the world record for the longest time on dialysis wants to celebrate and share his award with the people who have supported him through the years.

Mahesh Mehta, 61, from Stanmore, was awarded the Guinness World Record for the longest time on kidney dialysis last year, now 43 years and counting, and will celebrate with friends and doctors at Northwick Park Hospital on May 11.

Mahesh discovered his record just before Christmas 2017 after he and his family gathered evidence of his medical records throughout the years and sent them to the world record organisation.

His niece, Sharmee Di Pinto, 38, said: “It’s just such an unusual record. We applied for it as it was World Kidney Day in March and it tied in nicely.”

Mahesh started using dialysis when his kidneys failed at 18. 
He said: “I had reflux nephropathy where waste pushes back into the kidneys.”

He had two failed kidney transplants, one in 1979 and one in 1990, and was on home dialysis before and after the operations at St Mary’s Hospital. 

He said: “Although this record is not something I was aiming for in life – because I’d rather have working kidneys – I remained on dialysis because I couldn’t face a third operation.”

Mahesh, who uses a wheelchair, said he wants to look back at his life and his time using dialysis with “humour and a light heart”, and thank those who have supported him, including the many doctors and his 82-year-old mother, Bhanumati Mehta, who cares for him full-time. 

“It’s been a long time and it hasn’t been easy because my mum cares for me, and she’s and older lady now.

“At times it’s been okay and at times it’s been distressing, especially when the kidneys were rejected.”

Mahesh has also lost his sight due to an optic nerve disruption. He said when he had his sight he enjoyed playing Scrabble and making replica miniature models, doing jigsaws and driving.

“When I lost my sight it was a terrible shock. The doctors suggested music therapy and that seemed to help a bit. I listen to pop music mostly, Abba and The Carpenters.” 

His favourite song to listen to is The Winner Takes it All.

Manesh will hold his Guinness World Record celebration in May at the dialysis centre, in Northwick Park Hospital from 6pm – 9pm. 

He will be joined by friends and family, and is busily trying to trace the doctors who have treated him through the decades. 

He also plans to invite the mayor of Harrow.