A Conservative MP has been accused of posting an article on social media which “endorses Islamophobia”.

Bob Blackman, Harrow East representative, shared a story on Facebook entitled “Muslim Somali sex gang say raping white British children ‘part of their culture'.”

The original article came from a website called Hardcore News USA.

The assistant secretary general for the Muslim Council of Britain, Miqdaad Versi, later said in a tweet: “Deeply disappointing to see Tory MP Bob Blackman once again endorse Islamophobia."

Mr Versi added Mr Blackman had previously hosted Tapan Ghosh, a controversial Hindu nationalist in Parliament.

In response, Mr Blackman, said: “A news story regarding a gang of Somali men who were found guilty of trafficking and raping young girls was shared on my general Facebook feed.

“I shared the story on as the subject matter is very troubling and I have had a lot of engagement on it via social media and email recently because I raised the issue of child sex abuse and grooming in business questions in Parliament.

“I deleted the link as I saw that the headline to the article was phrased inappropriately. I can confirm that I have never visited the website in question and am not part of any group related to it.

“I sincerely regret any upset caused to the Muslim Council of Britain or the wider community for my error.”

Mr Ghosh reportedly praised the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar at an event in Parliament.