Theresa May visited Harrow at the weekend to meet with residents and outline her party’s vision for the borough, London and the country as a whole.

The prime minister travelled to Indian restaurant Bombay Central in Harrow Weald where she discussed the area’s recent history and hopes for the future.

After speaking with businesspeople, residents and a number of politicians, she went door knocking along nearby roads to gauge a wider reaction.

On Saturday evening, she tweeted: “It was great to be in Harrow earlier today with [Harrow East MP] Bob Blackman campaigning for Harrow Conservatives.”

Cllr Stephen Greek, who represents the Harrow Weald ward, was one of those who got the chance to meet and speak with Mrs May.

He said: “It was an honour and a privilege for her to come and see us. It’s always great to host the prime minister and it’s not every day that you get to have a visit like that.

“We see it as an endorsement for our hard work in the ward and the positive vision we have for Harrow.”

Mr Greek said he and his fellow councillors showed her and her husband, Philip, around the restaurant before taking them along the High Street to talk about what is going on in the ward.

He added that Bombay Central was an appropriate venue, given its remarkable transformation in recent times.

“It was great for the prime minister to see this success story,” he said.

“This was a derelict pub site and now it’s a fantastic restaurant. It’s a symbol of what’s been achieved in Harrow Weald with all the hard work.”

The prime minister has been criticised for sometimes coming across as unapproachable, with the moniker ‘Maybot’ often attached to her public appearances.

But several of those in attendance pointed to her friendly nature and willingness to engage with as many people as possible.

Deanne Keene, a council candidate for the Wealdstone ward, said: “She was absolutely lovely and was happy to take pictures with people there.

“She can seem a bit guarded at times but she has a wonderful connection with people when she meets them.

“When she saw that I had brought a ‘Bloody Difficult Woman’ t-shirt, [a reference to Kenneth Clarke’s quip about her], she burst out laughing.”

Mrs May’s visit coincided with campaigning for local elections for the borough wards, which are taking place in Harrow on May 3.

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