School pupils have teamed up with people with learning difficulties to create simple recipe videos for social media platforms.

It is part of a partnership between Harrow School and social care provider Certitude, which sees students regularly meet with residents to strengthen community ties.

This latest project involved creating a series of recipes before filming the cooking procedure and putting the video online.

Making microwave mug cakes and a pasta bake, it aimed to encourage those with learning disabilities, teenagers and anyone else to get into the kitchen.

Certitude’s Alice Rankin said: “The boys bring a lovely dose of youthful energy to the house and it’s a joy to see them cooking together with the people we support every week.

“Everyone gets along really well and I think both groups benefit from meeting and engaging with people they wouldn’t usually meet in their everyday lives.

“We thought it would be interesting and useful to share this happiness and know-how in some short videos of simple-to-make recipes.”

Tim Dalton, director at Shaftesbury Enterprise, Harrow’s charitable outreach and partnership programme, said the pupils love visiting the Certitude house, which is located close to the school.

He explained that “great relationships” have formed over the past few months and that there is always a “wonderful atmosphere” during the visits.