Sadiq Khan’s decision to reject extra funding for the Met Line Extension has been criticised by those who supported the campaign.

Some residents in Harrow have expressed their disappointment at the Mayor of London’s move, citing “pointless political wrangling” at the heart of the issue.

Mr Khan refused the £73 million shortfall that was offered by Watford MP Richard Harrington despite suggestions that this would get things moving again.

And his decision has been met with fierce criticism in some quarters, extending to those who utilise the Metropolitan Line on a regular basis.

David Lawes, from Kenton, said the plans were an obvious solution to the Mayor’s desire for fewer cars on the streets and accused him of making “the most irresponsible” call of his tenure.

He added that the obsession with building cycle routes has blinded the policymakers; something he believes is counterintuitive to easing traffic.

“There is no doubt that had Herts County Council and central government offered Khan money to build a cycle superhighway starting in Greater London but finishing in Watford, he would have taken the money and the highway would have been built,” he said.  

“Based on my experience both in London and outside, a cycle superhighway would receive a lot less use by cyclists than would the Met Line Extension by rail passengers, irrespective of which county they lived in.”

A spokesman for the Mayor of London explained that TfL had carried out a “detailed review” on the matter and had deemed it unfit for continuation.

He added that they had taken a “pragmatic approach” to finding a solution but it is difficult to see how the scheme can progress with such financial risk to London taxpayers in its current form.

The concept of a bus route has been considered but it is not a definite alternative to the Met line – something TfL is committed to finding.