More than 800 students from a Harrow school ran more than 10km to raise money for a charity helping adults with learning disabilities.

Students from Harrow School participated in the ‘Long Ducker’ on Sunday November 5 and raised money for the charity Certitude.

The Long Ducker is an annual sports event at Harrow School. Participants running are sponsored to raise money for a charity.

This year the participants raised forty thousand pounds which will support people with mental health needs and autism.

“I was delighted to win this year for such a great cause,” said Year 13 pupil George Grassly, winner of the race.

“The Long Ducker is a very enjoyable run and a rare occasion where the whole school gets stuck into an event."

This sports event was the start of a year of collaboration between Harrow School and Certitude.

Aisling Duffy, Certitude CEO, said: “We are delighted to have the support of such a prestigious school that shares and supports our values.”

This years’ money granted to Certitude will be used to buy assistive technology helping people with learning disabilities to communicate more effectively.

In addition, some of the funds will help to encourage interaction between people supported by Certitude and their local community.

Harrow pupils are also getting directly involved by visiting weekly people helped by Certitude and organising other events throughout the year.