A new ‘one-stop shop’ service for sexual and reproductive health is now available as part of a citywide bid to improve access to such information.

It means it will be easier for residents in Harrow – an area with “poorer sexual health outcomes than other parts of the country” – to obtain contraception, sex education and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

A five-year contract was granted to London North West Healthcare NHS Trust to provide the service to those in the borough.

It will work closely with GPs and pharmacies as well as a number of organisations including The Terrence Higgins Trust, NAZ Project London and Spectra.

Dr Andrew Howe, Director of Public Health at Harrow Council, said: “Similar to other London councils, Harrow has poorer sexual health outcomes than other parts of the country.

“These issues include late diagnosis of HIV and high rates of sexually transmitted infections.

“We are committed to tackling inequality through continued improvements in services by supporting people to keep healthy and safe.

“The partnership to provide a new integrated sexual health service and system will ensure that residents in the borough receive prompt information, support and care at the right place to improve health.”

The campaign is part of the London Sexual Health Transformation Programme, a scheme seeking to transform sexual health services and improve access and outcomes for patients across the city.

It will lead to strong links between several key services including abortion services, gynaecology, midwifery, urology, children and young people’s services, voluntary groups, schools and colleges.

There will also be a push to provide improved prevention in the community for groups with higher sexual health needs, including young people, gay and bisexual men and minority ethnic groups.