More officers will have Tasers to deal with violent crimes as the number of knife crimes and assaults on police has risen.

Commissioner Cressida Dick said more than 1,800 additional officers will be equipped with Tasers in order to deal with the threat of violent incidents, so more than 6,400 will have them overall.

Knife crimes have risen by 24 per cent in 2016/17 compared with 2015/16, and assaults against officers have increased from 2,211 in 2014 to 2,676 in 2016.

Ms Dick said: "Taser reduces the need for physical contact and also the risk of unintended or unnecessary injuries to all parties.

"With the roll-out of body worn camera to every uniformed officer, the public can also rest assured that the use of Taser is correctly recorded and monitored and that the use of it is subject to comprehensive scrutiny."

Ms Dick also said in the last three years 87 per cent of occasions where a Taser was drawn, the situation has been resolved without the need to discharge it.

The training programme for officers will take place over the next two years.