A Romanian brothel operating in Wealdstone was busted by police acting on tip-offs from neighbours.

Police received a number of calls from nearby residents on Herga Road, who noticed men entering the property at all hours of the day and night.

Upon entering the ground floor flat at around 7pm on August 23, officers from the Marlborough Safer Neighbourhood Team discovered three Romanian women wearing dressing gowns and lingerie in one bedroom of the property.

After issuing warnings to the trio and offering support, which they declined, the police were able to close down the brothel within a day.

“We made sure they had not been trafficked, and we had no concerns about their welfare: they were there voluntarily offering various services for cash,” said Sergeant Simon Fretwell of the Marlborough Safer Neighbourhood Team.

“We made sure they were all safeguarded and closed down the brothel within a day. It was a good result.”

New tenants are now living in the former brothel.