Hi All

Have you begun thinking about next month’s competition on The Library or your favourite book or poem? I’m hoping to arrange for entries to be exhibited in libraries in Harrow so please take part and send me your poems by 24th March.

I hope you enjoyed the February competition’s winning poem from David Koningsberg and one of our runners up, Don Reuben, in my previous blog.

Now I’d like to share with you a few of the other poems received.

QUEEN by Natalie Reuben

Skin's like mine but soft like velvet

Dark and rare and beautiful like a royal from the Nubians

I remember kissing your cheeks at the school gates


On my first day of school I had no friends

You'd hold me close like a sobbing red rose

Push a skipping rope in my fingers

And all day long everyone wanted to play with me.


I can recall my first nervous break down

every day age 21 you were there by my side till I recovered.

The doctors said no. You said she'll be alright.


You taught me my morals my left from my right

and how will I ever repay you

My queen of hearts

Natalie Reuben(c) 2016


THE MYSTERY PORTRAIT by Sukriti Bisht age 10

When I was about two, I learnt something very new!

I was left in a room, all alone, And I was fatigued of my groans.

I started to toddle around , To explore in stupefaction, without a sound.

I cherished different types of painting, It was truly fascinating.

The final picture amongst the array, Really made my day!

The girl in the picture looked like me, But how could that possibly be?

Every time I moved, The girl did an identical groove.

I asked my big sis, What it was and is.

She said it was a looking glass, Which I'd later learn about in an older class.

Today when I think of that breathtaking painting,

The mystery person smiles and starts to sing!


SHARING by Michael Gerstein

I love you where you go and where you are

I love you walking or in the car

You’re a free spirit, a silky domain

A smooth operator, with the heart of a daisy chain

In you is still a child

In you are singing birds, both tame and wild

Into you I cast the gentle shadow of me

The shadow turns to colours through our unity

There is bad news, queues, sour views, our blues

There are world problems spread like marmalade

There are lost souls who pray in mahogany pews

And those who simply cannot made the grade

Your common sense is the clear air after Summer rains

Your logical mind washes out the dirty stains

You see both sides, then you make your choice

Your advice clothed in your own special voice

You are like reaching the top of Everest

Yes, you’re the tops, you are the best

I love the stars, the sky, fields and flowers

But I especially love the creamy moments which are ours


HEART IN THE FRAME by Jeff Edmunds

You’re too big in heart to fit the frame, your enigmatic smile

pushes the boundaries of glass and wood

In your quiet, but determined way, you held me to account,

to be the your favourite. I couldn’t believe it.

Surely you didn’t choose me?

There were three other siblings to choose from, all better candidates

for mum’s affection, yet this is their testimony

I was the difficult one, who had to break the mould

No, I didn’t make loud noises or act riotously, I hid my jealousy

Always the quiet one, me, but in my own way, taking a sly and

different pathway, stepping out into unknown territory, then,

finding the door closed behind me, longing for a way back.

Did you ever find me?

Was it just too late, because you left before your body?

We dealt with the person, but this wasn’t our mum. Where was she?

So much I wanted to resolve, but you were no longer there.

You left somebody to take your place, a mum without understanding,

without grace. The glass took you from us, the frame boxed you in.

You were there somewhere, but hidden…

© Jeffery A. Edmunds, 5th February, 2016



Neil was seventh Python they said But Innes had it planned

To become a Rutle instead Though ex-Bonzo Dog Band

The Bonzos marked their forty years And comics helped the cause

The audience, not bored to tears Gave them deserved applause

Viv Stanshall, who had sadly died Announced for Mike Oldfield

Fry and Edmondson stoutly tried To get the vacuum filled

I spy a photo of these freaks When their number was nine

A lot of fun and quite unique Their crazy world divine


That’s it for now - I’ll be telling you more about the Open Mic event I’m hosting in Gayton Library for World Poetry Day on 21st March in my next blog.