Harrow MPs have mixed views on the UK's future in the European Union after Prime Minister David Cameron called a referendum last week.

People across the country will be heading to the polls on Thursday, June 23, to vote on whether Britain remains in the EU.

The Harrow Times asked MPs Bob Blackman, Nick Hurd and Gareth Thomas if we should stay or go.

Harrow East MP Bob Blackman, Conservative, said he would be campaigning for the UK's "freedom and independence" leading up to the vote.

He said: “Much as I believe the Prime Minister's efforts in renegotiating Britain's relationship with Europe have been sincere and laudable, I do not feel the concluding deal goes far enough in addressing the main areas of concern for my constituents.

"I am extremely positive about the prospects of our nation forging closer partnerships with countries like India, Israel, the USA, the wider commonwealth and emerging high performing economies.

"As such, I will campaign for the UK to regain its freedom and independence from the European Union when the referendum occurs on June 23."

However, fellow Conservative, MP for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner Nick Hurd he wasn't prepared to take a leap into the dark.

He said: "I will be voting to stay in the EU. I think being part of the single market but outside the Euro is the right choice for our future prosperity and security.

"However frustrated I sometimes get by the EU I do not have a clear enough picture of what our future would be like outside.

"I am not prepared to take that leap in the dark.

"Of course what MPs think is not that important. In this referendum everyone's vote is equal.

"This is a big decision about the future of our country and I urge everyone to get involved."

While Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas, Labour, said Britain was better in the EU than "out in the cold on its own".

He said: "At the referendum, I’ll be voting ‘in’ for Britain. Our membership of the European Union brings in many of the jobs that people in Harrow depend on and ensures we are all fairly treated in our workplaces, including holiday pay, maternity leave and protection for agency workers.

"The alternative is instability and chaos. The 'out' campaign have no plan for Britain’s future, and put at risk growth, investment and prosperity.

"The EU is far from perfect, but Britain is better off 'in' than out on its own."