Hi Everyone

I’m delighted to say that several entries for next month’s competition have already been submitted. The challenge is to write a poem about or to someone special in your life. It could be a partner, member of your family, a friend or a person from history or a TV star. Whatever you decide. It’s your choice. All I ask is that it’s in no more than twenty lines and you let me have your poem by Thursday 25th February. Email it to: jewishpoetrysociety@yahoo.com

I promised you a few more of the poems received last month for My Resolution. As you read them, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the difficult job it is judging the competition each month. Unfortunately I don’t have room for all the poems I received, but I must share these with you:

My Resolution by Jeffery A. Edmunds


I don’t do resolutions

I’m resolved about that

Whatever I commit to it’s sure to fall flat

So this year I have decided to make no


in the hope that if I succeed at something

it’ll be a nice surprise

But I can’t bear going public and dealing with spies

only leads to telling lies 


So, being resolution-free

is better than being up a tree

worrying about diets and abstinence

but I won’t sit on the fence

Instead, in all innocence,

I’ll resolve to put something right

and I won’t lose sleep at night

for failure is relative, success is checkmate



An Ode to a Resolution: by Daniel Robert Leigh

So, another year has come and gone and a new one come around,
Which means it's that time again for a resolution to be found!
I could learn a new language, start a new hobby or read a certain amount of books,
Or I could work on my sense of fashion by concentrating on my looks.
The obvious one is to eat better, get in shape and join up at the gym,
But there's just so many to choose from, I don't know where to begin.
The one thing I have a problem with is I have a tendency to procrastinate,
Whilst doing this I've checked Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram and now it's running late.
So I think I'll leave this until next year when I'll probably have more time,
Because right now and for the foreseeable future I'm just going to be scrolling my Facebook timeline.


My Resolution by Naomi Caplin


I resolve to be a delicious sweet potato instead of a couch


Stop lurking on the sofa overwatching telly and staying up too


Instead listen to the radio, read novels, history, poetry and


Eat more vegetables like baked sweet potatoes with herby

butter, peppers, and butternut squash. Cut down on my

downfall, the biscuits

Persevere with learning to meditate though it churns up

intense feelings

Tackle mountains of awful paperwork, yuck, yuck. Ruthlessly

clutter clear cupboards

Arrange lovely outings with friends, with lots of hugs. Even risk

making new ones

Wash up the dishes each day. Be assertive at all times instead

of being a mouse

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Now I need a little lie down with

telly and a chocolate muffin



Her Resolution by Mohini Mistry


She opened her notebook

And began to write

Her New Year’s Resolution

Under the stars so bright


She wrote she would be kind

Lovely and good

And she would be fair

To the neighbourhood  


Then midnight struck

And she gave a big jump

She went in the air

And landed with a bump


Then in the sky

She saw a star

She made a wish

From the thing so far


For her wish to come true

Was what she wanted

She then closed her eyes

And went to bed



My Resolution by J. M. Clarke


Shall I resolve to get on better

With everyone around?

This I can obey to the letter

But sadly lose some ground


The nice guy I knew now gives me lip

Shared bins are overfull

Too much noise is disturbing my kip

This resolution’s bull


I know what, I will be eating less

Causing me loss of weight

For diabetes it will be best

I’ll not rue what I ate


My stomach is feeling so empty

My mood begins to change

I had better start eating plenty

Before I am deranged


This year what habit can be broken?

Or should I give a damn?

I will, but as a special token

Resolve to be who I am

Hope you enjoyed reading these poems.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and think about who’s the subject of your next poem.