The first signs of spring are in full bloom in Pinner.

The Pinner Association sought to help the town participate in the British Snowdrop Festival with a display of the flowers in Pinner Memorial Park.

In January last year a group of volunteers planted out 2,000 snowdrops at the West End Lane entrance to the park.

Member Jackie Lindop came up with the idea and was supported by a £250 donation from the Pinner Association. The snowdrops were supplied by Jacques Amand.

This year the snowdrops are in full flower in the woodland adjacent to the park exit opposite West Lodge School.

The Pinner Association's Valerie Landon said: "We hope that parents and children walking past, on their way to school, are enjoying the first harbinger of spring in Pinner.

"This year Jackie Lindop and her stalwart group of volunteers will be planting more snowdrops in this area, along the railed edge of the park, to catch the attention of passers-by, so that they are drawn towards the drifts of blooms beneath the woodland trees."