Hi Everyone

I’m delighted to be able to give you the results of January’s Poetry Competition with the subject My Resolution. Our winner is Janet Byrne for this poem:


It's that time of year again When we make a brand new start

And try to right all our wrongs With a change of heart

Resolution one is to diet To lose just a pound or three

But only when I've finished The chocolates given me

My second resolution Is to save my hard earned cash

But with winter sales now on That's perhaps a little rash

Resolution number three Is I must go to the gym

To sweat upon the treadmill But do I need to be that slim?

Thinking very carefully I have found the solution

Erase all things on the list That's my New Year's resolution!


However, it wasn’t an easy decision as we had some other very fine work. I was especially pleased that several children entered, Sukriti Bisht, Harshitta Rajmohan and Mohini Mistry. Other poets worthy of mention are Dave Whippman, Jeffery A. Edmunds, Naomi Caplin, Adam Salem, Daniel Robert Leigh, John Clarke, Fish and Team Milmans.

This was Harshitta Rajmohan’s rather charming poem:

MY RESOLUTION By Harshitta Rajmohan age 10

Everyone is ecstatic about the New Year,

Our new start and everything is clear,

We all leave the past behind,

And treasure our memories in our precious mind,

The children’s resolution doesn’t last long,

However I promised myself my resolution will stay strong,

I’m very clumsy and a lot of the time I stumble,

I’m quite messy, and in class instead of talking I mumble.

Well, I’ve had a hard time thinking about it,

So hard my head could split, But now I’ve got my resolution,

I have established my solution, Which my list is….

1.To eat all my vegetables 2.To always be sensible (well most of the time!) 3.Study hard 4.Lastly to be a guard, of course to my little brother!


And I can’t leave out Dave Whippman (definitely not aged 10)

THIS TIME I MEAN IT by Dave Whippman

Let no one be in any doubt My resolutions are sincere!

There’s things I’ll have to do without, I’ll cut down on the chips and beer.

My reinvention starts right here!

I’ve failed before, I must admit, But things will really change this year.

Good things to start, bad things to quit.

But the truth is, I rather fear,

That things won’t change the slightest bit.

On previous form, it would appear

You can’t believe a word of it!


Another ten year old is Sukriti Bisht and here’s what she wrote:

RESOLUTIONS by Sukriti Bisht

My resolutions are only to a thrice, This year they'll not melt like ice!

I plan to be green, During 2016,

I'll grow my own crops, And reduce buying them from the shops.

I'll tidy my room., To make sure dad doesn't fume!

Am I being to ambitious?

They might make my year auspicious.

I'll brush up my French pronunciation, To be prepared if I visit the nation.

I hope these'll last through the year, Then I'll be able to cheer!


Adam Salem wrote this delightful poem:


Hey I made my resolutions a rip roaring list That will just fit

Yes a list 1­9 resolutions
 Sitting on my desk!

What are they so maybe I could put them to the test?

Well 1. Is to have more fun

2. Is to do something new

3. Is to drink more tea

4. Is to fix my door

5. Is to bide my time with my life

6. Is to extend my social mix

7. Is to learn more about Heaven

8. Is to learn not to be late and 9.?

Yes Well 9. Is to not worry about anything Really?

Yes Not even sticking to your resolutions Yes!


I hope you enjoyed reading these poems and I’ll let you see a few of the other poems from Mohini Mistry, Naomi Caplin, Daniel Robert Leigh, and John in a few days. As you can well imagine, judging the competition isn’t an easy task!

And now for next month’s subject. This is more about choice. As we approach Valentine’s Day, I would like to give you all a gift. An empty picture frame. And this month’s challenge is to create a Word Picture to fill it. Your Word Picture can be of your sweetheart or perhaps your mother, a film star or even a historical character - better watch your head though if your subject is Henry VIII. Your poem may tell this person how you feel or you may prefer to describe them, their looks or their virtues. Should be some varied poems this month.

They need to be no more than twenty lines and please let me have your entries in by Thursday 25th February.

Have fun.