Hi Everyone

Hope you read the piece about the Poetry Competition in this week’s Harrow Times. You’ll have seen that the next subject is My Resolution and poems of no more than twenty lines need to be in by 28th January.

As promised, here are a few of the other entries we received for the Shopping competition.

I mentioned in the article that I was particularly moved by the poem written by the staff of Milmans Resource Centre in Pinner.

SHOPPING from the perspective of Milmans staff

Shopping can be difficult When it’s hard to get around

And when you are in a wheelchair You’re fed up with looking at the ground

We need help when we are shopping And most people are not for stopping

So can you help out when you see us With a smile and a helping hand

You could stop and talk That would also be grand

We like shopping just like everybody else

We think like you and hurt like you

So spare us a thought when you are out and about

Shopping can be difficult when it’s hard to get around


SHOPPING by J M Clarke

A friend in Guildford said to me That he disliked the big city

Even buying in a big town Would also tend to get him down

So he finds he won’t be stopping To enjoy his urban shopping

Not as extreme as my old friend I like shopping in the West End

With hidden treasures to reveal It keeps a novelty appeal

Nevertheless I see the crowds And have to stop screaming aloud

This has become too much for me Bring me back my equanimity

If milling mobs will not leave Earth I will escape to Rickmansworth

Commuting between large and small I can then get the best of all

Peaceful shopping I’m completing With mood improved, season’s greetings!


SHOPPING by Janet Byrne

Each year as soon as the summer ends

The stores begin to advertise

The new winter season and presents galore

From kids toys to deluxe mince pies


For some it's heavenly to shop till they drop

And their energy knows no bounds

If it's spotting a bargain or special sale

Shopping malls are their hunting grounds


And as Christmas comes only once a year

Like a huge red flag to a bull

Shoppers descend in their hundreds of thousands

As they rally round to the call


With long shopping lists and discount vouchers

They advance upon the shop floors.

Determined to fulfill their holy mission.

Till it's time shops must close their doors


For all the eager shopaholics

The season may well be divine

But for those who are unable to face it

Be clever and just shop online

Janet Byrne tells me she recently had a poem published in the Daily Mail. Almost as good as the Harrow Times blog!


Here’s a poem by Mohini Mistry. Mohini is only ten years old and I’m very impressed with this poem:


Crowds gather along the street, Children wanting to go.

Adults lining up for sales, Whether it’s sun or snow.

When shop doors open for the day’ Everyone rushes indoors.

Shelves wiped clear of clothes and shoes, On every of the outlets floors.

Queues on tills get so overcrowded, People get annoyed and steal.

Everyone spending to long in shops, So there not getting home for a meal.

Then online shopping was invented, And people could buy things at home.

The only problem that it created, Was people spent more time on phones.

When it ‘s the end of the shopping day, People can go home by train.

Then the sun rises in the morning, And everything starts again.


Naomi is a prolific poet - I feel sure that we’ll be hearing more from her in the future.


I love going shopping when I easily find exactly what I want

Doesn’t have to be anything big - enjoy finding a pretty white tea towel with yellow stripes

And 100% recycled clear rubbish bags expressly designed for shredded papers

What about beautiful amethyst earrings which give violet hues to my shiny brown eyes

And the pleasure of finding shoes that are cute as well as comfortable

Relaxing, but not too gory, detective thrillers from the local charity shops

Soft velvety trousers that are cosy and warm

My charity shop find of a cornflower blue and lilac woollen cardigan. Hand-woven in one piece in Scotland

I hate going shopping when I don’t find just what I want

Oh the disappointment when the local hardware store doesn’t have the sauté pan I am after

Oh the stress of hunting for birthday presents

And why don’t they still make a retractable metal saucepan lid with a hole in the middle expressly for a hand blender.

The joys and perils of shopping, shopping, shopping