This week, I was in my usual role of Borough Commander at Harrow Police Station. It was my responsibility to deal with any major incidents which may occur in Harrow.

It gives me pleasure to report that crime continues to fall in Harrow. In the rolling 12 months, burglary has seen a 15.4% reduction, meaning 289 fewer victims. In robberies, a 3.2% reduction, meaning four fewer victims. These figures help keep us the safest borough in London and we will continue to work together to reduce crime further.

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This week, some crime prevention advice on keeping your home secure:

Bumblebee’s Top 10 Tips For Securing Your Home Burglary is a serious issue, that’s why Operation Bumblebee is targeting burglars in London. Help us keep your home and property secure, by following our top ten tips; Close and lock all doors and windows, even if you are only going out for a few minutes.

Keep your valuables out of sight.

Fit a mortice lock to your front door and other external doors. Consider installing a burglar alarm.

Leave some lights on if it will be dark before you get home.

Do not leave your car keys or ID documents near a door, letterbox or window.

Always check who’s at the door and don’t open it if you fell anxious.

Always keep sheds and outbuilding locked.

Mark or etch your property with your postcode, house or flat number or the first three letters of your house name.

Register items with a serial number at: Cancel milk or other deliveries if you will be away for days or weeks at a time.

Good work by my officers

On Friday, 16 October at around 04:00hrs, police received a call regarding two men trying to steal a bicycle on Bessborough Road, Harrow. Officers quickly made their way, and stopped two men matching the description given.

Both men were searched. One man had a set of bolt cutters in his rucksack. The other man had a chisel, some bicycle allen keys and a pair of gloves.

The men were promptly arrested and will now face justice.

On Saturday, 17 October at around 20:20hrs, police were called to Northolt Road, South Harrow due to reports of youths being armed with a knife.

Officers arrived on scene within minutes and spotted a man running away into a nearby residential road. The man was soon detained and a large knife was recovered.

Harrow Police will not tolerate knives being carried in public and will push for the strongest penalties against those caught carrying them.

On Monday, 19 October, officers were patrolling Peel Road, Wealdstone. They came across two men, who were evasive when asked what they were doing in the area. There was also a strong smell of cannabis, and so the men were searched for drugs. One man had approximately 30 separate bags of cannabis and three constantly ringing mobile phones. The other man had a quantity of cash and a mobile phone that was also constantly ringing. Both men were arrested.

A more detailed search of the second man, at the police station revealed he had secreted two bags of cannabis down his trousers.

Both will now face justice.

This was a proactive arrest resulting from the use of stop and search, which now means that a quantity of drugs have been taken off of our streets.

Following a response to a social media circulation regarding a man police wished to speak to in connection with their enquiries, I am pleased to report that this man has now been arrested and charged with serious offences.

Thank you to those who responded.

Simon Ovens, borough commander