NEWS presenter Kay Burley says she has taken the RSPCA out of her will after it refused to take in a stray dog.

Sky broadcaster Kay Burley contacted the animal charity after she found a “terrified and lost” stray Staffordshire bull terrier in running wild in a park in Harrow yesterday. 

But instead of arranging for the animal to be picked up, she was told that she would instead have to contact the council to have it rescued.

She tweeted the animal charity’s account to raise her disgust but was told they could only pick up a stray dog if it was in danger or severely suffering.

The dog lover tweeted: "Dear @RSPCA_official the staffie was both in danger of being run over and quite obviously suffering severe distress. Unacceptable reply."

She then tweeted Harrow council: “Thank you for stepping in to help terrified staff when RSPCA couldn’t be bothered.”

The 54-year-old, who has been a journalist for more than 30 years, has since announced she would be cancelling her monthly subscription and removing the charity from her will.