Next week is National Poetry Week and I’m hoping to meet many of you.

On Wednesday I’ll be going into Stanburn Primary School in Stanmore to work with years 2 and 3. We’ll be doing some drama about The Great Fire before lunch and in the afternoon it’s a total change with Little Red Riding Hood.

I’ll be working with the children encouraging them to write poems about these subjects and then they’ll perform their poems, some of them being the shops that get burned down (lots of standing, sitting and jumping around here) and in the afternoon we’ll have a Little Red Riding Hood being chased by the Wicked Wolf.

On Thursday 8th October I’ll be hosting a Poetry Open Mic Night at Stanmore Library. I’ll be reading from my book Tower of Bagels and inviting all poets and composers there to recite or sing their work.

The event will be from 5.30 to 7pm and I hope we welcome some old friends as well as some new faces. Did you miss Harrow’s Got Talent? If so, here is your chance to shine.

Looking forward to meeting the children at Stanburn and many of you in Stanmore Library.