LABOUR councillors have hit out at an MP after he announced his support for anti-tower block campaigners.

Harrow East MP Bob Blackman has joined a group of campaigners in voicing his opposition to plans for 318 new homes on the former post office site in College Road, Harrow.

The Conservative MP wrote to the Secretary of State Greg Clark in August to highlight a number of serious concerns over the development, asking the Minister to ‘call in’ the decision as to whether the plans should be allowed to go ahead.

But now the Labour-run council have accused the MP of playing political games over the issue.

Cllr Glen Hearnden, Labour spokesperson for housing, said: “With the housing crisis across Harrow meaning that families are struggling to pay the rents, our young people cannot afford to move out of home and the council having to house our residents in costly B & B’s, I am sure that most residents will find it appalling that the local Tory MP is playing games with his pals in Westminster to stop the building of much needed affordable homes here in Harrow.

“To stop the building of affordable housing is criminal given the housing crisis affecting many of our residents.

“The political game he is playing with his chums in Government will at the very least delay the supply of these much needed homes.

“I would like to invite the local Tory MP to come and meet with some of the residents that will now have to spend longer in unsuitable and overcrowded accommodation.”

The current Hyde Group application will now be forwarded for the Secretary of State’s consideration, and campaigners say this may serve as a first step towards a victory for the people.

Mr Blackman said: “It is a shame that some local representatives do not feel that the many serious concerns being raised by the residents and local businesses who will be affected by this development are worth consideration.”