Protesters have launched a petition in a last-ditch attempt to halt a controversial housing development.

In June, Harrow council approved a planning application for the former Post Office site in College Road, Harrow.

The development will consist of up to 20 storeys and will include 318 flats, a library and several retail units.

Proposals have faced long-term criticism from a number of campaign groups and households in the area, who say the development’s height will have a dramatic impact on life in Harrow.

The petition reads: “The height of Harrow’s current tallest building is ten storeys. The development will obstruct views of the historic St Mary’s Church and change the character of the area considerably.

“It will impact Harrow’s infrastructure - roads, parking, medical facilities and schools.

“Harrow residents appreciate that the site cannot remain as it is, but would like the London Borough of Harrow to renegotiate with the developer for something more suitable for the site.”

The petition has already been signed by more than 100 people, including Harrow East MP Bob Blackman.

Petitioners are now calling on Mr Blackman, along with Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas who is currently fighting to become Labour’s mayoral candidate, to request the Secretary of State to call the case in.

Irene Wears, of the Campaign for a Better Harrow Environment which has been campaigning against the plans, said: “I feel that what we need to do is petition our MPs to go to the Secretary of State and work to call it in.

“There's a lot of support for this petition within the public. But people are not realising what's going on with the pace of change of things in Harrow."

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