What can I say? You did us proud. Saturday surpassed all my expectations; it was a truly joyful celebration of the best of Harrow’s talent.

Being India’s Independence Day, it seemed especially fitting we were there together for as Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people’.

As the late great Freddie Mercury said, ‘Talent will out, my dears’ and Harrow residents outed their talents to an appreciative audience.

One sad note though, the sword swallower who was due to appear, came down with a terrible case of hiccups in rehearsal and took out his tonsils. And even worse, the magician we had booked, turned into a pub and disappeared!

We had Indian dancers, a belly dancer and a majorette and baton twirling group, then we had a jazz singer as well as other singers who encouraged us all to join in the chorus and sway in time to the music.

So much variety - we had a ball. Looking forward to receiving a copy of the DVD in a few weeks time.

And now? Planning our next event in October - details of which I will give you nearer the time.