It’s time for you to have your say on Labour’s next leader and mayoral candidate.

The Labour Party is now electing a new leader and candidate for the next Mayor of London. We want as many people as possible to have their say, so we are doing things differently this time.

In the past, we have elected our leadership team, and then introduced them to the public. This time, we are introducing the contenders to the public first and giving all Labour supporters a direct say on who should lead our party.

We need the right leader, a leader who can lead us forward to a General Election victory the country will, we believe, need more than ever. In London, the Tory mayor has let down Londoners for too long.

We need a Labour mayor in City Hall to stand up for the interests of all people living in London, from Richmond to Redbridge and from Barnet to Bromley.

Anyone who registers as a supporter can have their say on the next Labour leader and Labour candidate for mayor. And your vote will have as much weight as mine. One voice, one vote.

Simply go online today, search for Labour supporter and register to vote in a couple of minutes.

The Labour Party has an important job to do in north-west London and across the country.

With all the commitment and energy we brought to the election campaign, we will hold this Government to account as a robust opposition.

On protecting disability benefits, increasing your standard of living, 30 hours of free childcare, and buying your own home, Labour will make sure they keep the promises they made to you.

As we do this, we will let the public in and elect a leader and candidate for mayor who will stand up for everyone being let down by the Tories.

I invite you to be a part of it.

Harriet Harman MP

Interim leader of The Labour Party