I am writing regarding a story you recently published online (‘Campaigners criticise approval of ‘slab like’ development that will ‘wreck’ Harrow landscape’).

The development of the former post office and currently derelict site in College Road, Harrow, includes affordable housing and many community resources, which can only be seen as good. Harrow has not built enough homes to match its population growth over the years. Interesting that Councillor Susan Hall, who has no planning experience, had to lean on the Harrow on the Hill Trust comments, and quoted from their objections for point scoring.

Or could it be that her appearance at the meeting was just a precaution to ensure that the planning expert in the Tory group, Cllr Ashton, does not lead in criticising a planning decision again, as she did in the case of the 1 Sudbury Hill development through her attendance at the meeting and subsequent letters in your newspaper?

As a planning expert, Cllr Ashton thoroughly understands the planning policies and procedures, but Harrow cannot benefit from her expertise as she has not been placed on the planning committee since her comeback to the council, seemingly because of the relationships within the Tory group under Cllr Hall’s leadership.

Dr Pravin Shah

Co-ordinator at Harrow Monitoring Group