I think Cllr Barry Kendler is somewhat heavy-handed in saying Cllr Marilyn Ashton is confused and does not understand the national or regional planning policies – because not only does she understand the policies, but she is also a planning supremo, which I admire.

However, it could be that Cllr Ashton is not as ambitious to tackle the acute housing needs as the London mayor seems to be – he asserts that it is the job of the boroughs, of government, and of private and public sector developers to deal with the housing challenges.

I don’t recall Cllr Ashton raising similar concerns as now, when the same site (1 Sudbury Hill) was granted planning permission in October 2010.

But then Cllr Ashton was not on Harrow council to make the political points.

It can only be good that this site would provide a quality development comprising of a satisfactory level of residential accommodation, especially as Harrow has not built enough homes to match its population growth over the years.

Husain Akhtar

Retired Harrow councillor and former member of planning committee