Hurrah for Mr Seymour reminding us that 2015 is a year of anniversaries (Your Views, May 28).

It is also 75 years since that great battle in the skies for Britain.

The young men of September 1940 who were ‘The Few’ are now a whole lot fewer, but when they came up to Bentley Priory — our own RAF Museum in Harrow —they enjoy the spectacular view that Dowding saw over London from Stanmore Ridge, then, the brilliant recreation of his office, the vital work of the WAAFs on the filter and plotting rooms and the collections in this beautiful mansion.

Their stories sound like yesterday, not 75 years ago. When I went to the Priory, the museum had interest from adults, children and ‘young people’ of all ages — some now in their 90s.

The overseas visitors couldn’t believe that Harrow has such an accessible treasure, or that the fate of all of Britain was decided here in Stanmore in those terrible months, 75 years ago.

So September has one more great anniversary to celebrate and it’s right here in Harrow.

Russell Pegler

The Highway, Stanmore