Last week’s Harrow Times reported the shameful and disappointing news that Harrow’s Labour-run Council rejected a community bid to run Bob Lawrence Library in Edgware — meaning it will close in June, along with libraries in North Harrow, Hatch End and Rayners Lane.

At the same time, the council promised a supposedly ‘new’ library in the town centre.

But anyone thinking this all seemed a bit convenient would be right to be sceptical. In fact, this ‘new’ library would actually be part of the controversial 19-storey development at 51 College Road.

Planning permission for this has not yet even been considered and faces mounting concern from residents across Harrow. But even if it did go ahead, this would not be a ‘new’ library at all. According to the developers, it would be a replacement for Gayton Library. So in reality, it would depend on a fifth library being closed in Harrow.

Closing four libraries — and showing contempt for their campaigners — was bad enough. Covering it up with false promises is even worse.

Sadly this is just the smoke-and-mirrors approach we have come to expect from Labour in Harrow.

Councillor Stephen Greek

Conservative planning spokesman Harrow Borough Council