On Wednesday morning, I noticed a dead fox lying in Kenton Road opposite Mayfield Avenue.

I asked if anything was being done about it but no one knew, so armed with the postcode of the shop, I went on the Harrow Borough Council website to report it.

I found that it was impossible to do this, so I phoned the civic centre for advice. After at least 30 minutes on the phone, I got through and was told this needed to be reported on the website.

When I said I had spent a great deal of time on this and could not do it, the person I spoke to said he would do it on my behalf.

But by Friday, the fox had not been removed and the body had been run over many times and was spread over the road.

I again tried the website and found a mention of road kill, but it lead me nowhere, so tried the phone again, but got tired of listening to music.

I went back online to submit a complaint and was then told I needed to use the relevant website.

It seems as if the council web page is there to frustrate us and deter us from taking an interest and reporting anything we feel needs attention.

Mary Haines

Alicia Avenue, Kenton