The continuing wasteful spending by Harrow Borough Council is untenable.

The chance to save £250,000 by Harrow on a mayor when the job could have been given to a member of the many fantastic voluntary groups in Harrow is just one instance of cost cutting.

Another would be the chief executive, the ‘post box’ as I have discovered. When I wrote to him on March 2 requesting an answer, personally, as to why I had not received any response to my four emails raised with Harrow Council’s planning department since June 10, 2014, he merely passed the buck to his planning services office. They in turn eventually responded that my query was being looked into as a ‘matter of urgency’. Obviously the timeline on ‘urgency’ almost a year later does not have the same definition as many people would expect. Wasteful spending and no action appear synonymous with Harrow. Harrow Council taxpayers deserve better.

Carole Lis

Elm Park, Stanmore