I am a registered childminder and every morning I take some of the children to nursery by car. This journey involves driving along Crowshott Avenue towards Honeypot Lane in Stanmore.

In recent months, this has become quite a dangerous journey, caused by many staff from a nearby building site parking along the north kerb of Crowshott Avenue when residents have already parked outside their homes along the south kerb. Even though my journey is after 9am, i.e. after the main rush hour and after school run time, this road often gets completely blocked, cars cannot move in either direction. I can only imagine what it must be like during the preceding hour. Should any of the emergency services need to get through they simply would not be able to.

I wrote to the council about this in March but just received a reply saying that it will be looked in to, and if it meets certain criteria then it will be put on a list to be done.

However, the situation is getting worse – I feel as if I am an accident waiting to happen and I feel that my concerns are being ignored by the council. They have not even volunteered to carry out temporary parking restrictions (e.g. by putting ‘no parking’ cones out) whilst they are investigating. I know that other local residents also have concerns about this issue.

I am writing this letter to you in the hope that somewhere, somehow, somebody might take my concerns seriously and take appropriate action.

Edit Rees

Registered childminder and resident of Peareswood Gardens