I have lived in the Harrow East constituency for over 40 years and voted in every general election, but not consistently for one party.

Elections until now were fought in a civilised manner. Not this one.

We first had a disgraceful leaflet, apparently from a trade union, accusing a Conservative candidate of fiddling his expenses. It is right that those responsible should be investigated by the police. Mr Blackman was not clever with his expenses, but there was no evidence that he was dishonest. He has every right to be angry. I hope the Labour candidate had nothing to do with this leaflet.

The leaflet sent by the Dharma Sewa Purvapasha, about banning caste discrimination, was hardly better. Religious organisations, to be credible, must stay out of party politics at general elections. Certainly they should not tell the electorate how to vote. It rather looks as though a few Asian Tories used the organisation for party political gain. Ms Kumaran is entirely correct in calling it “gutter politics”. Again I would like to think that Mr Blackman was not involved.

Next time we have an election, can I suggest both organisations keep their views to themselves?

Philip Levy

Gordon Avenue, Stanmore