With the General Election and the appalling, patronising campaigns over, the now ritual calls from the losing sides for electoral reform, a “fairer” system and a “more democratic” system, have started.

They were remarkably quiet about such “unfairness” when they were on the winning side. What is so undemocratic about one person, one constituency vote? You lost, get over it.

From a personal view, the current system maintains a proper accountable local link between our representatives.

The other hands disproportionate power to big party machines or the lunatic fringe, whose policies would never otherwise be acceptable, our votes a mere formality.

The GLA and Euro elections are prime examples where we are saddled with unknown party list appointees and a ragbag of oddments that few want; a very strange notion of representative democracy.

However, I really must congratulate the Labour Party on doing a superb job of alienating the public by using the likes of Steve Coogan, the man who’d gag the press, the ridiculous Eddie Izzard and incoherent “socialist revolutionary” Russell Brand, seriously wealthy people who can afford to be “socialists”, on our streets and screens as Labour’s messengers.

As for the Conservatives, I was asked by a member if I was “coming home”. The answer is no.

Jeremy Zeid

Kenton, Harrow