In November 2014, I spent 14 hours on a trolley in the ‘old’ A&E at Northwick Park Hospital before a bed was found. However, staff kept checking me and asking how I felt. They were kind and brought me a sandwich and some milk.

This year, after falling and knocking myself out, I spent more than an hour-and-a-half in a corridor of the ‘new’ A&E with my ambulance crew.

It was then 36 hours in one of their rooms on an uncomfortable trolley before a bed/ward was found.

Apart from a doctor and the odd visit to check my monitors, I was alone.

I am nearly 80 and felt ill, nervous and vulnerable.

I could see staff grouped around the nursing station, but as I was attached to monitors and couldn’t get off the trolley, I could not contact them when I needed a the toilet or a drink.

I felt like a useless object to be ignored.

No one cared.

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