As the dust settles, so do the lives of the Nepalese people,

Now lies the wreckage of a of a once tall proud temple.

The wind blows, leaving a distant echo of searchers, Looking for any signs of life.

Some survivors walk with bewildered faces, aimlessly through the villages as the pain rages inside.

Sirens of an ambulance resonate in the air, dark reminder of further potential despair.

A crease on the road track, cracks on the wall, Some tall, others just started off small.

A rescued small child some brings some relief, A newly widowed sit's back to the wall with disbelief.

Another tremor, another strain, More mudslides come with a torrent of rain.

A dusty survivor pulled out with old rope, We expect more, we can only live in hope.

A helping hand is on its way, From another community, another race is here today,

We look to the skies prey for peace, and hope the love for humanity will never cease.

Mr Kantilal Thakarshi Kukadia