I am dismayed by Harrow School’s proposal to build a coach park and astro turf on Harrow Hill Golf Course.

This is a wonderful recreational green space, which provides much-needed calm away from a very busy road. I and Harrow Green Party call on Harrow Borough Council to oppose this development and stand up for the unique and diverse open spaces in Harrow, which are increasingly being encroached upon.

The parks, fields and green belt in Harrow have all too easily been seen as places for school expansions, luxury flats and car parks by the council.

These developments cut people off from accessing public land and completely ignore the fact that they contain a unique and unprecedented range of wildlife and biodoversity — a space for people to exercise and meet, helping communities improve general health and well being.

Harrow Council must start protecting Harrow’s green spaces for everyone.

Emma Wallace

Green Party parliamentary candidate for Harrow East