I moved to Harrow in 2009, but I soon discovered that Harrow Borough Council was refusing to allocate me recycling and compost bins.

After a four-year battle, these were finally delivered in 2013, but since then, the council has refused to collect my recycling or garden waste and my complaint letters have been ignored.

The Conservative-Lib Dem Government pushed through cuts of £83million to Harrow’s budget; closing our libraries and arts centre and slashing care for the vulnerable.

Yet the Labour-run council is almost as bad. It doesn’t seem to care about recycling and has even voted through a £75 ‘garden tax’ on us from October.

So I’ll be voting for the Green Party on May 7, as they have stood with communities under attack from these cuts and have supported me in caring for our planet.

Dr Dan Ozarow

Bacon Lane, Edgware