We were delighted to read Labour’s Councillor Phillip O’Dell express such enthusiasm for the flower tubs in the High Road, Harrow Weald (‘Traders unite to please shoppers’, Your Views, April 2).

We are encouraged that he has recognised the importance of having a “pleasing environment in which to shop”.

However, we would also like to point out that relevant bit of the High Road is not actually in Cllr O’Dell’s ward at all, despite what he claims in his letter.

The flower tubs in the High Road have been supported by us Conservative ward councillors for many years, using locally allocated funds and in partnership with local businesses.

The flowers in the tubs are regularly maintained by shopkeepers and the tennis club and all credit goes to them for their upkeep.

As the three Conservative councillors for Harrow Weald, we work extremely hard to ensure that all areas within the ward are kept clean, tidy and desirable as far as possible.

However, the task of doing so is proving to be an uphill struggle following the slashing of funds for street cleaning by Harrow Borough Council’s ruling Labour administration.

Perhaps Cllr O’Dell should act on his admiration — practise what he preaches and invest similarly in Wealdstone High Street — which has the benefit of actually being in his own ward.

Cllrs Ramji Chauhan, Stephen Greek and Pritesh Patel

Con/Harrow Weald

Harrow Borough Council