A poll showed a five per cent swing from Conservative to Labour for the upcoming general election.

The constituency polling report for April 2015 by Lord Ashcroft surveyed 1,001 adults from the Harrow East constituency by phone from March 31 to April 4.

Voters were first asked which party they would vote for if there was an election tomorrow, and then asked which party’s candidate they were likely to vote for in their own constituency.

While 39 per cent said they would vote Conservative in Harrow East, a loss of six per cent, Labour gained five per cent of the votes, with a total of 43 per cent saying they would be voting for Harrow East candidate Uma Kumaran.

She said: “Any lead in the polls is of course encouraging, but we’re not complacent. 

“We’re having hundreds of conversations with local people every week about issues like pressures on  Northwick park, access to housing and living costs. 

“I’m proud to call Harrow my home. I’ll be working right up until polling day listening to people’s concerns and outlining what a Labour Government and Labour MP will do to support families here.

Liberal Democrat votes were down eight points to six per cent, while UKIP gained seven points with nine per cent of people saying they would vote for the party in May.

The results show a swing of 5.5 per cent since the general election in 2010.