A campaign has been launched by people wanting to save their local library from closure under council budget cuts.

North Harrow Library, in Pinner Road, is one of four across the borough that may be closed by Harrow Borough Council under proposals announced last week.

The North Harrow Community Partnership launched a petition after the announcement and has already collected more than 100 signatures.

Group chairman Kamal Shah said: “All the people I have spoken to and managed to get to the meeting last week are very angry at the prospect of losing their local library.

“There are not amenities in North Harrow except the library and the post office and if one of them were to go then it would just mean the town centre would go downhill.

“We know there need to be cuts but there can't be cuts when the consequences have not been thought through.

“We have worked hard to give North Harrow a boost but this cut would really damage the area."

Ward councillor Janet Mote said: “Closing North Harrow Library would be a disastrous decision, and I fully support the community partnership’s campaign to keep it open.

“Libraries are a universal service which people from all walks of life use – for everything from reading the latest bestsellers to academic and personal research, and even for finding jobs.

“I’m particularly alarmed to see North Harrow on the list of proposed closures because it completely goes against what the council’s Labour administration said only last month about wanting to support the area as much as it could.

“Closing a vital community asset like the library would make North Harrow less attractive as a destination, and would rob it of yet another amenity it needs to stand alongside other shopping and service areas in Harrow.”

The other three libraries which could close are Bob Lawrence Library in Edgware, Hatch End Library in the Harrow Arts Centre, and Rayners Lane Library in Imperial Drive.

The council says the closures are needed as part £25million worth of savings it needs to make in next year’s budget.

The closure of North Harrow would save the council an estimated £115,000 per year, and the closure of all four would save the authority an estimated £480,000 a year.

Those interested in taking part in the libraries consultation can do so by clicking here.