Concerns have been raised about a new controlled parking zone which worshippers say could harm their church.

Members of St Anselm’s Parish Church in Westfield Park, Hatch End, say they have not been consulted about the new CPZ by Harrow Borough Council.

New restrictions for Hatch End will come into force this week and will be parking for permit holders only between 10am - 11am & 3pm - 4pm from Monday to Saturday.

Members of the church fears the two periods will stop people from wanting to use its facilities, depriving it of revenue.

Gillian Whitehead, parish administrator for St Anselm’s, said: “The parking measures will really affect the church and our ability to bring in an income.

“Because there are two periods of restrictions a day we have had to cancel some of our weekly events already.

“And people interested in having a wedding here will see the yellow lines and probably decide to go somewhere else.

“It’s just a pity really because it stops the church from doing what it was meant to do and serve the community.

“It is an historic church and important to the area and we hope we will be able to survive."

UKIP councillor Stanley Sheinwald, who has also given his support to the church, said: “Having the restriction outside a church just doesn’t make sense. Having two periods of restrictions is excessive.

“We only need one hour in the morning to stop the commuters from parking outside people’s homes all day.”

Cllr Sheinwald also says people in Dove Park are also concerned about the new restrictions, as they believed their road was on private property.

Cllr Susan Hall, leader of Harrow Council, said: “Residents in Hatch End asked for a parking review as they believed they were suffering from commuter parking in roads around Hatch End Railway Station – this is a spot known to attract motorists driving from Hertfordshire.

“We consulted with local people, and decided to go forward with parking controls on roads where a majority of residents wanted action. The times of those controls are designed to stop them being used by all-day commuters.

“We have explained to the church that there are already established arrangements for churches for weddings and funerals – they are given parking dispensations so people attending these events will not be ticketed. We are currently setting up a meeting with the church to discuss the issues further.”

A spokeswoman for the council said people in Dove Park were consulted about the CPZ and some responded.