It’s one of the most iconic film scenes of the 1980s – the mother cautiously approaches the unexplained pot boiling on the stove, as her young daughter hares across the garden to the rabbit hutch. We all know what’s in the pot before the characters do, but it’s no less distressing when the mum lifts the lid and we see what’s inside.

Now the setting may have jumped forward to the modern day, but the powerful story of thwarted love and retribution that made Fatal Attraction such a hit remains as it is transferred to the West End stage in a new Trevor Nunn production, starring Natascha McElhone, Mark Bazeley, Kristin Davis and Alex Lowe, better known as comedy character Barry From Watford, who grew up in Pinner.

“We boil a different bunny every night," laughs the 46-year-old. “No! We do have live bunnies on stage, but no bunnies were harmed in the making!"

Alex plays Jimmy, the workmate of leading character Dan, played by Mark Bazeley, who woos Dan with tales of his fun, single life, unwittingingly leading Dan to embark on an affair with Alex Forest, played by Natascha McElhorne.

“Natascha’s doing something completely different with the character," Alex explains. “Glenn Close has apologised for her portrayal of someone with mental illness in that film, and Natascha’s interpretation is more sympathetic."

Alex is glad to be back on stage in a play after a long time spent doing stand-up and solo shows, and has nothing but praise for his fellow cast members – and particularly for the show’s director Trevor Nunn.

“His attention to detail is amazing, it’s all about painting a picture on stage, all about the spectacle, he’s fantastic. It’s a bit like a fast-paced film script, it’s still tense, it’s still got all the punch it ever had. It’s going to be a smash."

Fatal Attraction is at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, Suffolk Street, London SW1, from Tuesday, March 25 to Saturday, June 21. Details: