A former Conservative councillor who turned independent has made another switch and joined the Labour group.

Cllr Husain Akhtar, who represents the Canons ward, formally joined Harrow Borough Council’s ruling Labour group last week.

He believes the move will allow him to serve his community better and Labour will benefit from his experience.

He said: “I’m quite happy about it as the role of a councillor is to serve people and to do it effectively.

“I think my expertise is in developing policy and working out how it be can improved and Labour can benefit from that.”

The decision was agreed earlier this year but as Cllr Akhtar had to go through to the membership process it was formally announced on Tuesday.

In a statement the Labour group said: “We are pleased Husain has joined us.

“While the Conservative Group has no ideas, no imagination and no vision, the Labour Group has ideas to make a positive difference even in these austere times.”

The new Labour councillor left the Tories at a council meeting on November 8 of last year.

Conservative group leader, Cllr Susan Hall, said she was not surprised by the news and called the Canons ward representative a “political chameleon”.

She said: “I think Cllr Akhtar is running out of parties he either hasn’t belonged to or tried to join.”

“As when Cllr Akhtar initially left the Conservative Group, my sympathies are with the residents of Canons for having to endure his indecision and short-lived principles.”

“They elected a Conservative to represent them in 2010, as they have at every opportunity since the ward was created, and now they’re lumbered with a Labour councillor.”