They were touted as the next big girl band, blew us away with Black Heart and went on tour with ‘goddess’ J Lo and Nicki Minaj.

So what happened to Stooshe?

Turns out they were even ballsier than we gave them credit for and called out Warner for tinkering with their début album.

“Yeah, it was a creative thing and people in suits interfering,“ says one third of the London-based girl band, Karis Anderson, revealing they have now left the record label.

“It was hard but something we just had to do. We had made the album as we thought it should be heard and were signing a thousand or so copies and put it on and thought ‘that’s not how it was meant to be’.

“So we called a meeting.“ She and co-members Alexandra Buggs and Courtney Rumbold delayed the release of London With The Lights On until June 2013, a year after Black Heart came out, and it went to no 8 in the charts.

Karis, who was last to join the band, which was put together by writer and manager Jo Perry, admits the decision may have hurt sales but stands by it.

“Most of the album was written before we even got signed, so it was a precious baby to us. When things got changed we had to say something.“

After parting ways with Warner, they changed management and have spent the last few months “hibernating“, but are now back in the studio working on album number two.

The 24-year-old, who was born in Brixton and went to The Brit School in Croydon with Adele, says they have grown up, toned down their look and are focussing on making R’n’B with a “cheeky“ side and “Motown edge“.

They will be performing songs from the first album as part of Flirt at The Forum next week, but hope to have the first single from the new album out by April.

Karis, who partied with Bruno Mars at the Brits but will be spending Valentine’s with her pet dog Ralph, says: “We are so nervous about getting signed again because we know how things can happen.

“It hasn’t necessarily been a bad move for us to move from Warner as we have been a lot more free with the album in terms of knowing who we are as people and as Stooshe.“

Name-checking Watford’s Naughty Boy and Miss Dynamite as artists she admires, Karis says of her own band: “We are three girls from south London.

“We have attitude, but not too much and everyone has always taken who we are to an extreme. We are those things but also young ladies.

“We have grown up and want to make music that we can listen to and enjoy.“

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