We've all dreamed of what it would be like to pop through the screen and step into the world of our favourite films.

Secret Cinema's new experience Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back truly makes this fantasy a reality by immersing you in the magical sights, sounds and characters.

I've been assigned my rebel name, donned my mercenary-red face scarf and arrived by tube, ready to be transported to a galaxy far, far away.

First there is about 30 minutes of what seems to be unnecessary faffing around, kneeling up and down, running on the spot and getting shouted at, to 'get us in character' but finally we emerge and my blinking eyes open wide to take in what can only be described as an astounding feat of engineering, creativity and drama.

Episode IV, where we meet Yoda for the first time and Luke discovers Leia is his sister and Darth Vader his father, is considered by many fans as the best in the franchise, but the interactive part of the evening draws mostly on the previous film A New Hope, recreating the dusty caves and beloved cantina of Tatooine.

My earlier misgivings melt away as a pair of Stormtroopers stroll by and I spot Hans Solo reclining in the bar chatting to visitors. It looks spectacular right from the off but the more you throw yourself into it the more you will discover, such R2-D2 tucked away in a corner and numerous references that only die-hard fans will probably recognise.

There are some modern touches as well of course such as market stalls where you can buy cupcakes and coffee, necklaces and palm reading and a huge rota of bands have been lined up to play on the stage.

Scenes from A New Hope unfold around us through the first half of the evening, some literally making my jaw drop, and then we are being herded towards the screening area.

This is no plush cinema- the seats aren't tiered and there are lots of comings and going to the bar at the side, but the pay off is you get to see parts of the The Empire Strikes Back played out in front of you and cheer along as Luke and Darth lock lightsabers and Han embraces Leia.

As the five hour evening drew to a close I was already calculating if I could afford to stump up the £78 ticket price to return as a Jedi before the 18-acre site is dismantled in the autumn.

Yes it is pricey- although I was lucky enough to have been invited along to review it for free- and you'll most likely end up shelling out another £20 plus on food and drink.

But if you just can't wait for the release of The Force Awakens in December- then take as trip with Secret Cinema and you'll find that in a quite corner of London it already has.

Secret Cinema, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back runs until 27 September at a secret location in London. Details: www.secretcinema.org/tickets