Salmon on the Mount is Watford’s newest – well only – alternative comedy night. Rosy Moorhead sits down with organiser Alan Ronald ahead of the opening night.

Is it really Watford’s only alternative comedy night?

Yes. Unless there is an underground cliqué that I haven’t heard about.

What does ’alternative’ mean these days in comedy?

It once meant literally an alternative to the mainstream, and then alternative became part of the mainstream and that is where the lines start to blur. It’s generally comedy that has no rules. You can do anything. A way to break out of the conventions of set-ups and punch-lines and explore different and unusual ways of making people laugh.

Why does Watford need it?

There’s a big hole in Watford when it comes to comedy. There is very little, and what there is isn’t particularly adventurous. It’s a chance for people to see something different without making the trip into London. It’s scary there and big boys might pick on you.

What’s with the name?

Historians believe that when Jesus spoke at the sermon on the mount, he was waving around a very large salmon. Admittedly there is no hard evidence for this, but it sounded like a good name.

Why the LP Café?

The café just has such a laid back and inviting atmosphere it seemed like the perfect place. And Paul (the owner) and his staff are all such lovely people. They were very enthusiastic when I brought the idea to them.

What’s your favourite joke?

They are ones made up by kids that don’t always make sense. For example: Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: To fetch its baby monkeys. Genius.

Who’s on the bill?

We have a mix of stand-ups, musicians, and poets. Amongst them is a very unique comic who goes by the name of Dangerous T; as well as local stand-up Ben Howard; and the brilliant David Silver will be providing some sugary love songs on his accordion for the audience to sing along to. And also one comic with a very oddly shaped head…

Is this going to become a regular event?

We are testing the water with this first one and if it is successful enough we hope to try to make it a regular date on the Watford calendar.

  • Salmon on the Mount is at the LP Café, The Parade, Watford, on Wednesday, February 26, from 7pm to 9pm. Entry is free. Details: events@thelpcafe, the