His twinkling brown eyes and devastating smile have set enough hearts aflutter to float the Mary Rose across the Atlantic.

Now Harrow scriptwriter Hayley Nolan is hoping ‘gorgeous George’ will make her dreams come true and agree to star in a film about the female obsession with him.

Kooky rom-com Looking for George Clooney follows bored British housewife Poppy as she goes in search of the twice named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ after her marriage fails.

Hayley has teamed up with Essex-born Nadia Jordan, of Fluffy Cat Productions, for the project and both women will star in the film about the hunt for the hunky heartthrob.

"We’re not stalkers," says Hayley, "I want to make that clear.

"This isn’t just a way for us to meet George Clooney.

"But I have written him into the script and we will be contacting him and I do hope he will agree to do a cameo.

"I bet he will consider it as he’s very charming and funny and down to earth and you get the feeling he’s a genuinely nice guy.

"I think that’s why lots of women have fallen in love with him."

The single 25-year-old, who has previously starred as Barbie and in Glee comedy viral Sue Sylvester’s Daughter, admits she herself has ‘loved him since ER’ and confessed: "If he proposed I would consider it!"

But will Poppy get her man?

"Of course she’ll get a happy ending, " says Hayley, "it’s a Hollywood movie.

"But whether she will end up with George will depend on George."

In the meantime the Londoner is looking for Clooney fans who want to be part of the film, which Hayley says is influenced by Bend it Like Beckham and Desperate Housewives.

The duo are aiming to raise $60,000 (£38,810) of funding through donations and have launched an appeal via website indiegogo.

Donors will receive perks ranging from a screen credit ($25) to a speaking part in the film ($3,500) to the chance to be an executive producer ($7,500).

Stars such as Stephen Fry, Jennifer Saunders and Johnny Vegas have already backed their campaign on Twitter and Hayley is sure there is a legion of fans champing at the bit to take a step closer to meeting the handsome Ocean’s Eleven hearthrob.

Hayley says: "I think it's a pretty cool opportunity and I know people will be up for it if they know about it.

"$60,000 is really nothing compared to the millions spent on big budget films but that is the nature of independent films.

"We will mainly film in Hollywood but may well film in Harrow, so if anyone has a house or location we could use, get in touch.

"Whatever we raise we are going to make a damn good film and we’re aiming to start filming at the end of the year.

"If everyone from Harrow gave $10 maybe we would be in with a chance of an Oscar."