One Night in Dublin will come to Hayes when The Wild Murphys will set up Murphy’s Pub at the Beck Theatre Hayes on Tuesday, July 23, guaranteeing one glorious night of high-energy Irish music and more than a little bit of Irish craic.  The following day, Wednesday, July 24, the show will play at the Watford Colosseum.

The multi-award-winning Irish band The Wild Murphys features the very best traditional Irish musicians playing a thrilling mix of traditional and contemporary tunes guaranteed to have the audience’s hands clapping and toes tapping all night long.

The seven-piece live band is headed by lead singer Middi Murphy armed with blarney, banter and an accordion, alongside Trevor Brewis (Jimmy Nail) on drums, Tony Davis (Prelude) on keys and the BBC award-winning fiddle player Sophy Ball.

We pull up a stool in Murphy’s Pub to talk Irish music with The Wild Murphys’ founder Middi Murphy.

Tell us a little about One Night in Dublin and what audiences can expect.

It’s a fun night filled with great Irish music; we’ve some top-notch musicians (and me!) and we love what we do, which is play Irish songs in our own inimitable Wild Murphys style! We love putting our spin on songs that people know and love and giving them a different version to hear and sing along to. If you’ve ever been on a holiday abroad and walked past an Irish pub, heard the music and thought “I must go in there” then that’s what we’re all about!

What’s so special for you about the music of Ireland?

I grew up with Irish music, my dad loved it and played it all day long. He used to go over to Ireland a lot to see the bands and then when the bands came over to the UK he’d sneak me into the clubs to see them.

I’ve always sung and played Irish music and songs, It’s one of the few things I’m quite good at in life! I spent years playing in the Irish theme pubs all over Europe and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, there’s something so ‘all-encompassing’ about this music – it doesn’t matter where you’re from or how old you are, it’s music anyone can enjoy.

What have been the highlights for The Mad Murphys over the years you have been on the road?

We could write a book, in fact I should! I think I’d call it “101 uses for a Travelodge kettle”! It’s been such an amazing journey and every time you think you’ve seen it all, something else comes along that surprises you. The six years I played at Molly Malones on the Greek island of Zante will always be a special time in my life. We’ve done opening sets for some great Irish acts and we’ve had some great acts open for us. I think though, my biggest highlight is still to come - I’ve always loved theatres, not just the shows in them but the buildings themselves and their history so to go and stand on some of those stages where so many amazing people have made their mark and to see the other side of the curtain is just going to be a dream come true.

Who is your favourite artist and why?

It’s hard to pick one single artist as I love certain aspects of so many bands and singers. I’ll always have a big soft spot for Brendan Shine because he was my dad’s favourite and there are so many memories wrapped up in his music. I like some of the new guys who keep the old tradition of the ‘dance band’ but do it in their own way like Nathan Carter and Derek Ryan but I guess if I could only take one album on the road with me I’d be torn between Floggin’ Molly - Live at the Greek and The Saw Doctors - If this is rock and roll I want my old job back.

Beck Theatre Hayes, Grange Road, Hayes, UB3 2UE, Tuesday, July 23, 7.30pm. Details: 020 8561 8371

Watford Colosseum, Rickmansworth Rd, Watford WD17 3JN, Wednesday, July 24, 7.30pm.  Details 01923 571 102