Despite numerous Government legislative changes aimed at stemming the growth of the Buy to Let market, we believe that 2018 will, in fact, be a year of opportunity for serious property investors.

Simply, it is a myth that increased taxation has made investment in the private rented sector unviable.  Certainly, it will have put some off - those who fell in to becoming a landlord through being unable to sell an existing home; those who inherited a property; or maybe those who found two halves of a couple coming together and decided to keep one home as an ‘investment’ – as simply these are less likely to have had a strategically thought-out, long-term vision in place that would anticipate and plan for these obstacles.

And that’s the key here.  Property investment isn’t something to be taken nonchalantly.  It may have been in the past, but nowadays it’s a much more serious investment route to pursue and consequently it must have more serious guidelines associated with it.  But that’s not a bad thing…

For landlords who are prepared to take a strategic approach, we believe that buy to let remains a very positive investment option.  Indeed, where investors have been put off and have therefore exited the market, those who remain and take a business approach, are given first access to the best of the rental properties – that’s no bad thing!

However, the opportunities for growth in the private rented sector here in North West London specifically, are magnified further due to a unique combination of factors. 

Simply, it is anticipated that the number of young people aged 18-25 in the region will grow by over 16.2 per cent in the next 20 years and recognising the struggles that this segment of society has in taking its first step on the property ladder, it means that added demand will be placed on the private rented sector.  When added to the close proximity the area has to strong transport links, the opportunities for those investing in the private rented sector here are increasingly clear.

The fact remains, however, that successful property investment isn’t simply a case of taking advantage of market demands, but also of investing in the right type of property, in the right area and marketing it at a competitive price.  To tick all these boxes, whilst also ensuring compliance in an increasingly complex market, you’ll want to know that you’ve got a local property expert on your side. 

This is where the team at your local branch of Andrews comes in – along with the wealth of information and guidance on our website – – if you’re considering becoming a landlord and are prepared to take a long-term business approach to this, why not engage with them and take advantage of the opportunities that we believe 2018 has in store.