Forget taking out an expensive loan to cover that big expense in your life, now there is an easy and lazy way of raising a lot of cash in a short space of time ...

The internet has made raising a large sum of money in a short space of time much easier, provided you are prepared to ditch your dignity.

Online begging, otherwise known as cyberbegging or e-panhandling, is a growing internet phenomenon.

It involves setting up a website describing yourself and explaining why you need money. You then sit back, wait for people to take pity on you and watch the donations flood in.

A good example of cyberbegging is Denise is a 28-year-old woman from New York who wants to buy bigger breasts.

Working as a sales rep, you would think she would be perfectly capable of raising the $4,000 needed to fulfil her dream.

However, rather than save up, Denise has plumped for asking complete strangers for help.

Unbelievably, online begging works and people seem very willing to send their cash, despite not getting anything in return.

Denise had already been given $75 after only four days.

Other e-beggers have enjoyed success with their pleas for help.

Everything from financing a divorce to paying off credit card debts have been generously assisted by sympathetic, or gullible, web users. It really is truly amazing just what people will respond to.

While I think of it, did I mention I'm hoping to go on holiday later this year? Any help kind News Shopper readers can give would be greatly appreciated. Only joking